Vinyl Mastering

I've been cutting master lacquers for vinyl pressing here at Sky Onion since 2012. I began with a mostly stock Scully 601 from the 1960's, and after updating that lathe several times I learned what it takes to make a great cutting system.

I started building a new lathe in 2019 and I put it into service in April of 2020. The new lathe features a pristine Neumann SX74 cutterhead mounted to a custom auto-depth suspension and Scully lathe body. There is a high precision vacuum platter driven by a Lyrec turntable motor. Pitch and depth are computer controlled by the Swiss-built Pitch18 system. The amp rack is also completely custom and capable of beautiful sounding cuts. Some pictures and details of this cutting system can be seen at

I am also equipped to cut lacquer masters purely analog from tape using my Studer A80 1/2" tape machine running at 15 or 30ips (1/4" available on request). AAA mastering offers a unique set of challenges and rewards, contact me for a quote.

Master Lacquers for Vinyl:

  • 12" - $320 ($160/side). Up to 25 min per side (20 or less is better)
  • 10" - $280 ($140/side). Up to 16:30 min per side (13 or less is better)
  • 7" - $150 ($75/side). Up to 7 min per side (4:30 or less is better)

    Keep in mind that the shorter the side the better the sound. If the sides are short enough I can cut them at 45rpm if desired.

    Also note that these "maximum time" guidelines are not set in stone. In some cases I can cut 26 or 27 minute sides that still sound pretty good.