Vinyl Mastering

From the start of my mastering career I always wanted to be involved in cutting lacquers, and in 2012 that dream became a reality. I purchased a vintage mid-'60s Scully mastering lathe with a stereo Westrex cutterhead and matching tube cutting amps, and began learning how to cut great sounding grooves. Since then I've mechanically refurbished the Scully, had the cutterhead rebuilt & updated, and developed a custom cutting preamp/amp solution with modern electronics. The system sounds fantastic and I love cutting vinyl masters.

Vinyl Master Lacquers:

  • 12" - $260 ($130/side). Up to 25 min per side (20 or less is better)
  • 10" - $220 ($110/side). Up to 16:30 min per side (13 or less is better)
  • 7" - $120 ($60/side). Up to 7 min per side (4:30 or less is better)
  • Plus shipping to the duplication plant of your choice (usually $13 to $35)

    Keep in mind that the shorter the side the better the sound. If the sides are short enough I will cut them at 45rpm, which always sounds better than 33.3rpm.

    Also note that these "maximum time" guidelines are not set in stone. In some cases I can cut 26 or 27 minute sides that still sound pretty good.