General Audio Mastering

My mastering rates are based on the number of songs in your project. I charge $50/ea. for the first two songs, $40/ea. for the next 5 songs, and all additional songs are $30/ea. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a rate table. These rates are not set in stone but they cover 95% of projects. When appropriate, alternate rates will be agreed upon before work begins. For exampe if you have a 7 song EP of 2 minute songs we might agree on a lower rate. These rates cover attended or un-attended sessions.

Alternate takes (instrumentals, radio edits, etc.) are $10 per song when processed at the same time as the main versions.

These rates include free mastering revisions - I won't stop working until you're happy. I'll make all audio adjustments required to make your music sound its best. I provide mix consulting and suggestions for making your mixes better before I get started. You'll get a reference CD, mp3's or .wav files uploaded to my server for you to approve my masters. You'll also receive final delivery of masters in 1 duplication ready format: Red Book CD-R, DDP Image, vinyl-ready .wav, digital-ready .wav or mp3 files.

New clients and the mastering curious:

If you'd like a first-hand example of what my mastering can bring to your project I will master one track for you for free. This is intended as a sample for you to hear the quality of my work, if you choose to release the sample master the normal mastering rate applies.

Vinyl Master Lacquers:

  • 12" - $260 ($130/side). Up to 25 min per side (20 or less is better)
  • 10" - $220 ($110/side). Up to 16:30 min per side (13 or less is better)
  • 7" - $120 ($60/side). Up to 7 min per side (4:30 or less is better)
  • Plus shipping to the duplication plant of your choice (usually $13 to $40)

Keep in mind that the shorter the side the better the sound. If the sides are short enough I will cut them at 45rpm, which always sounds better than 33.3rpm.

Dubplates/Acetates/Reference lacquers:

  • 12" - $50 (double-sided cut)
  • 10" - $40 (double-sided cut)

Additional charges:

  • $30 for a 2nd error-checked production-ready CD-R intended for duplication.
  • $30 for a vinyl-pressing-ready CD-R, generally delivered as "Side A & Side B" 24 bit data disc (only for external lacquer mastering, if I'm cutting this charge doesn't apply)
  • $30 for a digital release package including properly tagged mp3's, a .zip folder with your album art included, etc.
Significant audio restoration (removal of clicks and pops, hiss reduction, etc.) might incur additional charges. I will let you know before I proceed with this kind of work.


1 $50 $50
2 $100
3 $140 $40
4 $180
5 $220
6 $260
7 $300
8 $330 $30
9 $360
10 $390
11 $420
12 $450
13 $480
14 $510
15 $540
16 $570
17 $600
18 $630
19 $660
20 $690
21+ and all compilations regardless of song count please contact me for a quote.