• ADAM Classic Column full-range floor standing 4-way speakers
  • Hypex Amplification
  • Lavry Black DA10 D/A converter and volume control
  • Goldpoint SA4 input switcher and passive volume attenuator
  • Sennheiser HD600 headphones

Mastering Hardware

  • Manley Vari-Mu tube compressor/limiter with T-Bar mod
  • Langevin Mini-Massive solid state passive equalizer
  • Cranesong STC-8/H Class-A discrete compressor
  • Cranesong Ibis Class-A discrete equalizer
  • Maselec MPL-2 Peak & High Frequency limiter
  • Fostex E22 1/2" 2-track 30/15ips tape machine
  • Revox PR99mkII 1/4" 2-track 15/7.5ips tape machine
  • Hamptone HVTP2 tube preamp for saturation/overdrive
  • Sky-Onion built true bypass insert switcher for tape machine and tube preamp
  • Cranesong HEDD 192 A/D and D/A converter with DSP

Vinyl Mastering Equipment

  • Scully 601 lacquer/vinyl cutting lathe
  • Westrex 3D cutter head (rebuilt by Len Horowitz)
  • Sky Onion built modern/clean solid-state cutting amp/preamp (Caruso/Hypex based)
  • Westrex RA-1574-D vintage tube cutting amps
  • Lathe-mounted Technics tonearm with Denon DL-103R MC cartridge
  • Sonographe SG-3 turntable w/Jelco SA-250st tonearm & Ortofon 540mkII MM cartridge
  • Shure M97xe, Audio-Technica AT110e, Denon DL-110 & Stanton 500 alternate cartridges


  • Steinberg Wavelab 6
  • PSP MasterComp, Neon, Vintage Warmer & MasterQ
  • Izotope RX & Ozone
  • Voxengo Elephant & Soniformer
  • Plextor Pro CD burner with Plextools