File Delivery

It's best to deliver your songs to me at the highest possible quality. That means WAV or AIFF files, usually 24 or 32 bit (but 16 can be fine). Maintain the sample rate of you mix session when you're bouncing down (If the mix is 48k, keep the mixdown file 48k). It is fine to mix with 2-bus compression and EQ on the master channel. Sometimes it can be beneficial to generate 2 mix versions - one with 2-bus processing on, and one with it off. After I hear the mix both ways I can pick which one will result in a better sounding master. You can transfer these large digital files to me using a web service or FTP. Some good free services are, dropbox, and google drive. If you prefer to use FTP I will give you a login name and password via email, and set you up with a dedicated secure account on my web server. You can log into the FTP account using your own FTP client software, such as Cyberduck or CoreFTP. Or you can login using this link in your browser: