I'm Gus Elg, the mastering engineer and owner of Sky Onion Mastering. Since 2002 I've been helping a wide variety of musicians make records. I've been involved in rock, electronic, folk, jazz, orchestral, hip-hop and world music projects from all over the globe. As a music lover I sincerely enjoy hearing whatever new mixes are waiting in my inbox every day. When I'm not mastering records I can be found geeking out over audio electronics, walking my dog Bernie around the neighborhood, camping, getting outdoors, and playing music of my own.

I grew up in Spokane, WA, graduated from Washington State University in 2001, and moved to Portland where I got involved in audio engineering right away. I began recording my own bands, then other bands. When I started dabbling in mastering I soon realized that was where my place was in the music business, so I dedicated Sky Onion exclusively to mastering in 2008 and it became my full-time job in 2012.