2018 to 2022 mastering clients (just a few of them)

The Antlers, Jon Spencer, Amirsaysnothing, Diamond Ortiz, Ryan Porter, Hutch Harris, Kind of Like Spitting, B. Lewis, Tommy Crane, Blue Cranes, Drunken Prayer, The Ghost Ease, Occurian, Deathlist, Satan's Pilgrims, Agalloch, Stammering, Atom Music Heart, Kisnue, The Microphones, AO Gerber, Johanna Samuels, Taylor Graves, The Woodlands, De Serko, CQQL Records, Epitaph Records, Cavity Search Records, Jana Osta, In The Red Records, Whirlwind Recordings, Davey Bones, Cravedog, The Beyons, Slickaphonic, Transport, Fluff and Gravy Records, Vandiver, Talkdemonic, Gavin Castleton, Luna Vista, Humans, Patrick McCulley, Inner Ocean Records, Fonograf Editions, Incidental Music, Nick Jaina, Ben Seretan, CF Watkins, Whatever's Clever Records, Ghost Frog, Prince Paul & Don Newkirk, Eisenwald, Disko Obscura Records, Albina Music Trust, Needle to the Groove Records, Cosmic Dreamer Music, Hobo Camp Records, Deer Lodge Records, Humble Beast Records, Whatever's Clever Records, Funk Freaks, Fat Beats, many lacquer cuts for New Orleans Record Press & Cascade Record Pressing, etc.

2017 mastering clients

1x1, A Collective Subconscious, Abbey Daryl, Adam Chini, AKUA, Alice Notley, Amadeo 85, Andrew Seistrup, Antix1200, Asian Chairshot, Austin Brookner, Azul Toga, Bad Romance, Baespflug, Banda Feahr, Beautiful Eulogy, Beautiful Jin, Ben Seretan, Blue Pour, Brandon Brindle, Castles, Charlie Shaw, Chase Padgett, Chris Rorrer, Coda in Blue, Cosmic Dreamer Music, Cynthia Nelson, David Allred, Dead Men Talking, Deathlist, Decathlon, Desert Noises, Dong-jun Kwak, Douglas Detrick, Dreckig, Drunk Dial Records, Eric Bjella, First Touch, Fonograf Editions, Fox Tucker, Funk Freaks, Ghost Ring, Golden Arrow, Grace Gatsby, Hans Barklis, Harmony Holiday, Hip Hatchet, HOA, Hoochus, Hospital Ships, Human Ottoman, Humble Beast Records, Ian Krist, Idle Giant, Incidental Music, Inner Sunset Recordings, Iowa, Isyeye, J.T., JD Lee, Jenn Rawling, Johnny Sunday & The Last Word, Josh Collopy, Jth4, Judge Light Agency, Jun Roh, Jung Body, Justin Power, Kid Nomad, King's German Legion, Land of Peace, Larry Bartle, LEO ISLO, Long Hallways, Loveboys, Luna Vista, Luterne, Mails, Marvelous Mint, Mascaras, Matthew Waddel, Max Countryman, Misty Mouth, Mock Records, MoFunk Records, Moniquea, Monotronaut, Months, Nathan Agenbroad, Natty Staggs, One From Many, Ozmood, Paul Laxer, Pauline Drand, Peter Broderick, Peter Toth, Petoskey, Pink Fink, Propaganda, Quiet Countries, Raj and the 100s, Rare Monk, RILLA, Rock N Roll Radio, Rocket Punch Records, Rocky Heron, Sam Humans, Satan's Pilgrims, Sea Fuzz, Seongnam Kim, seoulapart, Sho Baraka, Small Skies, Squares There, SS Curmudgeon, Star Creature, Street Guns, Sub Rosa, Susurrus Station, Team Evil, Tempest Gold, Tenino, The Bonfire District, The Dan Ryan, The Desert Kind, The Gansters, The Give-Outs, The Hans, The Night Bench, The Notas, The Pacing Party, The Permians, The Three Fakes, The Woodlands, Thomas Dietzel, Tied to a Grizzly, Tony Simovski, Tow'rs, Tribe Mars, Wave Collector, Wes Youssi and The Country Champs, Wet Trident, Will Hattman, Wiebe, XL Middleton

2017 lacquer cutting clients

100 Proof, Alice Notley, Antix1200, Barry Walker, Beautiful Eulogy, Blue Pour, Boomarm Nation, Boy Wonders, Cosmic Dreamer Music, Dead Men Talking, Disco Obscura, Drunk Dial Records, E3, Eastern Oregon Playboys, Fonograf Editions, Ghost Ring, Harmony Holiday, Hospital Ships/The Dan Ryan, Humble Beast Records, Inner Sunset Recordings, JonAD, June Magnolia, Larry Yes, Long Hallways, Lucas Oswald, Monkeytek, Now, Now, Nurses, Omega Supreme Records, Paul Michael, PDX Mandem, Pink Fink, Propaganda, RF Shannon, Resurrection Records, Satan's Pilgrims, Sho Baraka, Squares There, Tempest Gold, Tenino, The Night Bench, Tow'rs, Trans Records

2016 mastering clients

24 hours, 100 Proof, Adhere to Form, Affinity Tribe, Alex Erickson, Alec Varis, Alison Dennis, Amadeo 85, Amos Val, Andrew Seistrup, Anthony Lambert, Astro Tan, Azul Toga, Bad Romance, Beautiful Eulogy, Ben Bogard, Ben Seretan, Bill Cayetano, Black Sea, Born to Shine Records, Buddy Jay's Jamaican Jazz Band, Cambrian Explosion, Castles, Cedar Rose, Chasing Ebenezer, Chris Gray, City Baby Records, Connor O'Donnell, CoreMagaZinE, Cosmic Dreamer Music, Cult of Orpheus, Damen Easton, Daniel Pax, Daughter Talk, David Allred, Deathlist, Diamond Ortiz, Doug Brisco, Douglas Detrick’s AnyWhen Ensemble, Down Gown, Dr Something, Droneyard, DTSQ, DUDDY, Dungeon Bros, Eastern Oregon Playboys, Echo Pearl Varsity, Evendust, First Touck, Flat Mary Road, Fling, Fonograf Editions, Funk Freaks, Funky Drive Band, G'mornin Dali, Ganglion, Gaspar & Dusty Fox, Haley Heyndrickx, Hans Barklis, Happy Milf Records, Hart & Hare, Hawkeye, Horse Movies, Ian Soph, Indigoe, Jehwa Kim, Jesus Peace, Johanna Samuels, John "Elvis" Schroder, John Glouchevich, John Haughm, Jun Roh, Kay Morisette, Kela Parker, Kevin Levy, Kevin Perman, Land of Peace, Le Printemps, Leanore, LEO ISLO, Lee Sung-Hwan, MAAN, Makro, Mandolin Jack Dwyer, Mascaras, Matt Boney Band, MDSZ, Michael Pan, Mock Records, MoFunk Records, Monotronaut, Moon Moon, My Song Your Song, Natty Staggs, Noah Kite, Notsunmaum, Nu Shooz, Omega Supreme Records, One From Many, Oro Azoro, Patrick Anatoly, Pauline Drand, Quiet Countries, Rae Armantrout, Raven Nevermore, Research & Development, RJ Young, Rllrbll, Rock'N'Roll Radio, Rocky Heron, RF Shannon, Robert Kramer, Roselit Bone, Rules of Motion, SaiR, Sara Jackson-Holman, Search/Party, Seoul Karaoke System, Shark Dreams, Sheridan, Sho Baraka, Sky Tony, Small Field, Smut City Jellyroll Society, Snow White, SS Curmudgeon, Stereo No Aware, Steve Keri, Street Guns, Superstructure, Sun Angle, Susurrus Station, Tempest Gold, Tender Age, The Daily Howl, The Dovecotes, The Essence, The Gold Rust, The Goddamn Band, The Hans, The Lxcals, The Macks, The Monotones, The Pacing Party, The Secret Whistle, The Tallest Man on Earth, These Bashful Claws, Thomas Paull, Three For Silver, Today's Radio, Tom Ward, TNG SXX, Two Planets, Venus Droppers, Videocassette Revival, Voodoo Donut Recordings, Willow House, World of Machines, XRAY Records, XL Middleton & Eddy Funkster, Young Elk, Zax Vandal

2016 lacquer cutting clients

Adhere to Form, AK Burns, Ben Seretan, Boomarm Nation, Buddy Jay's Jamaican Jazz Band, Cavity Search Records, Cosmic Dreamer Music, Dealer, Down Gown, E3, FKDP Records, Fonograf Editions, Garrett Close, Go Slowpoke, James E Stubbs, Johanna Samuels, Jon AD, Kim Gray, Makro, Matt Braddock, Monkeytek, Northern Draw, Omega Supreme Records, Pale Lips, Party Damage Records, PDX Mandem, Point Juncture, WA, Rae Armantrout, Raj and the 100s, Resurrection Records, RF Shannon, RJ Young, Ron Nachmann, SaiR, Small Axe, SINIS Recordings, Stereo No Aware, Sun Angle, Superstructure, Tender Age, The Dan Ryan, The Lower 48, Toxic Slime Records, Weiden & Kennedy, XRAY Records

2015 mastering clients

AC$, ADHDJ, Adult Books, Agalloch, Alameda, Alex Stooshinoff, Ana Ammann, Anamorphic Orchestra, Andrew Endres Collective, Apex Studio, Astro Tan, Art of the Black Blood, Attica, bed., Balto, Ben Seretan, Bert Sperling, Beyoung Yu, Bill Cayetano, Billy Changer, Bitch'n, Blue Ember, Brian Cutean, Brian Ellis, Bryan Finkell, Bubble Cats, Buttermilk Biscuits, Catherine Lee + Matt Hannafin, Chelsea Appel, Chris Bigley, Chris Keene, COD3Z of Light, Comm, Dan Macdonald, Daniel Pax, Daylyt, Dayone, DDT, Dead Man Talking, Decoro, Dirty Minutes, Divers, Dong Park, Dreckig, Dungeon Drummer, Eileen Myles, Eugene Medina, Everybody's Robots, Fake Fireplace, First Touch, Fling, Ghost Frog, Good Enough for Grandpa, Grandhorse, Greg Delapaix, HAF, Hank Sinatra, Harrison Fulop, Hart & Hare, Hey Lover, Hollowdog, Holly Durante, Horse Eats Horse, j-wink, Jeannot, Jeff Lancaster, JGivens, Jim Fletcher, Justin Ready, Keith Jordan, Kevin O'Connor, K-Maxx, Kulululu, Kyle McMillan, Lisa Rono, Lordy Mama, Manning Rothrock, Mantra Blues, Máscaras, Mathias Grassow & John Haughm, Menin, Midnight Runners, Mikal Cronin, Mock Records, Moniker, Moniquea, Monorecords LA, Months, My Brothers & I, My Voice Music, Nick Jaina, Nick Llobet, Omega Supreme Records, One From Many, Patrick McCulley, Pauline Drand, PDX Pop Now!, People in the Fields, Peter Sando, Point Juncture WA, Post Panic, Psychomagic, Quiet Arrows, Rare Diagram, Rare Monk, RJ Young, Rocky Heron, Sea Fuzz, Secret Ceremony, Size 85 High Tops, Speak Of Stars, Splicce, Street Guns, Stubborn Ol Goatz, Summer Soundtrack, Tender Age, The Carlton Collective, The Dovecotes, The Dolomites, The English Language, The Fourth Wall, The Lower 48, The Mondegreens, The Monotones, The Old Yellers, The Pynnacles, The Satin Chaps, The Wave Collector, The Woodlands, Thomas Dietzel, Three For Silver, Three Sigma, Tim Skellenger, Toyboat Toyboat Toyboat, Typhoon, Willamette Week, Young Elk

2015 lacquer cutting clients

AC$, Alter Echo & E3, Andrew Boie, Andrew Endres Collective, Balto, Bobby D, Boomarm Nation, Brian Cutean, Brian Ellis, Community Library, David Allred, Derek Wilson, Divers, DJ Boogie Nite, DJ Maxx Bass, Dream Lodge, E3, Eileen Myles, First Touch, Fonograf Editions, Fog Father, Good Enough for Grandpa, Graintable, Hama, Hey Lover, Hovercraft Records, Impact Sound, Jan Steele, Josh Fina, K-Maxx, Kind Gesture Records, Monkeytek, Máscaras, Max Countryman, Midnight Runners, Monorecords LA, Months, Omega Supreme Records, Party Damage Records, PDX Mandem, Psychomagic, Resurrection Records, Seekers International, SINIS Records, Strategy, Tender Age, The English Language, The Old Yellers, The Pynnacles, The Wave Collector, Three For Silve, Tigrics, Wyatt Blair, XL Middleton, Young Ecstatics, Young Hunter

2014 mastering clients

Adventurous Sleeping, Amine, Apathy & Celph Titled, Astro Tan, Austin Farrell, Autonomics, Babalou, Ben Savoie, Ben Seretan, Bert Sperling, Chris Crenshaw, Cody Lee, Creepanita, Damp, Dan Macdonald, Dead Highway, Diarrhea Planet, Dirty Looks, Dirty Minutes, Dirty Revival, Divers, Doctor Smoke, Dr. Something, Dream Lodge, Drunken Prayer, Dungeon Drummer, Emon, Exquisite Rap Duo, Fog Father, Fringe Class, Frizz, Ghost Frog, Gobhi, Grand Lake Islands, Greg Delapaix, Greyman Clinic, Hank Sinatra, Hard Power USA, Hats Off, Hip Hatchet, Homomentum the Musical, Hurricane Dick, Jaimin Shin, John Haughm, Jung Mila, Just Lions, Kela Parker, King Tuff, Laura Dunn, Living Room, Manning Rothrock, Mathias Grassow & John Haughm, Matthew Waddell, Max Countryman, Michael Bruce, Mo Phillips, Moniker, Nature Theif, New Zoos, Night Mechanic, Noble Firs, NTNT, Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, Our YJH Compilation, Outer Space Heaters, PDX Pop Now!, Peter Broderick + Gabriel Saloman, Pikara, Rare Monk, Redactors, RJ Young, Rocky Heron, Robbie Lane, Roman Tick, Roselit Bone, Sara Jackson-Holman, Satan's Pilgrims, Schmear, Scott Cohen, Silk & Olive, Square Pegs, Stelth Ulvang, Talkative, The Apollo Four, The Black Site, The Century, The Desert Kind, The Dolomites, The Satin Chaps, The Satisfied Minds, The Sorry Devils, The We Shared Milk, The Woodlands, Those Darlins, Three For Silver, Ty Segall, Tuan Ha, Umbral Fracture, Velella Velella, Willamette Week, Williams Town, Wishing Well, Your Friendly Beast, Warm Hands, Zouaves

2014 lacquer cutting clients

AC$, AC Lovring, Anthem Records, Boomarm Nation, Dial-M, Drunken Prayer, E3, Diarrhea Planet & Those Darlins, Gulls, Hank Sinatra, Hovercraft Records, ISKELETOR, John Haughm, Mathias Grassow & John Haughm, Max Countryman, Monkeytek, Musee Mechanique, Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, Roselit Bone, SINIS Recordings, Stelth Ulvang, Strategy, Studio Geordie, Talkative, The Dolomites, Ty Segall & King Tuff, Velella Velella, Warm Hands, Zouaves

2013 mastering clients

A Happy Death, Adventurous Sleeping, Aika & Rose, Nate Allen, Armorada, Babalou, WC Beck & The Portland Country Underground, Beyoung, Bombs Into You, BRAINSTORM, Hunter Brookshire, Matt Brown, Bubble Cats, Chuck Carmody, Charts, Chelsea Motel, Commonly Courteous, Cool Smoke, Audra Connoly, Cotton, Max Countryman, Deer Lodge's George Jones Tribute, Cameron Dewhitt, DJ Tan't, Driftwood Springs, Eastern Oregon Playboys, Exotic Club, Face the Box, Fanno Creek, Fluid, Heather Jo Flores, Fringe Class, Harrison Fulop, Nick Gane, Genders, Ghost to Falco, Great Wilderness, Tuan Ha, Hearts of Oak, High Society, Hip Hatchet, Ben Hoganson, Hopeless Jack & the Handsome Devil, Grace Hutchinson, Imaginary Friend, Just Lions, Kevdiddy, Tyler M King, KINK FM, Kiss Kill, Paul Kremleff, La Liberte, Leo J & the Melee, Livingroom Sessions, Loa, Long Hallways, Dan Lurie, Jack McMahon, Melville, David Moss, Murphy N Weller, My Song Your Song, Myshkin, Neahkahnie, Neighbors, Night Chaparral, Night Mechanic, Night Surgeon, Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger, Noble Firs, Huck Notari & the River, Nurses, Roy Orbitron, Trevor Oswalt, Matt Pahler, Palabra, PDX Pop Now!, Portland Smiles Compilation, Professor Gall, Port St. Willow, Pynnacles, Quiet Countries, Rare Monk, Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks, Camilla Rose, Gabe Salo (Adeline PDX), Salon, Ausland Schlage , Ben Seretan, Sex Life, Shorty and the Mustangs, Silk & Olive, Alan Singley Orchestra, Singley Fimbres Orchestra, Sounds Around the World, Souvenir Driver, Enrico Spanu, Vakia Stavrou, Doug Stepina, Stepkid, Strand of Oaks, Adam Sweeney, Jake Ray, Tapajenga, Tender Loving Empire, The Jackalope Saints, The Morals, The Oxygen Barrons, The Yellers, Three For Silver, Thru Colorado, Tiny Hearts, Tom & Lucas, Towering Trees, Toyboat Toyboat Toyboat, Underscore Orkestra, Volcanic Pinnacles, Collin Warren, Tera Zara

2013 lacquer cutting clients

Boomarm Nation, Blue Cranes, Burner Courage, Charts, Cuneiform Records, E3, Eastern Oregon Playboys, Fanno Creek, Gulls, Hearts of Oak, King Tarahumara, Lodubs, El Mahdy Jr., Miriodor, Monkeytek, Neahkahnie, Night Surgeon, Paper/Upper/Cuts, Port St. Willow, Jake Ray, Roy Orbitron & Rasputin's Secret Police, Carlos Segovia, Strand of Oaks, Studio Geordie, Sweet William's Ghost, The Oxygen Barrons, Towering Trees, Toyboat Toyboat Toyboat, Robert Wyatt

2012 & previous includes:

3rp, Ahnli, Alameda, Moh Alileche, Angry Orts, Aporia, Autopilot is for Lovers, Robin Bacior, Bazillionaire, WC Beck, Black Heart Moon, Blue Cranes, Arman Bohn, Paul Brainard, Brothers Young, Brouhaha, Burner Courage, Nick Caceres, Kevin Cassil, CC Swim, Chores, Paul Clay, Kate Cotter, Sam Cooper, Crooked Bars, Curious Hands, Dead Cinema, Dead Peasant, Deelay Ceelay, Deer or the Doe, Destroy Nate Allen, DJ Jenkins, DJ Tan't, Dollywood Babylon, Donkey the Lion, Donerail, Double Dutch, Laura Dunn, Dutch Flat, Dykeritz, Eastern Oregon Playboys, Exotic Club, Eyearthy Dirty, Failing Records comp vol.3, 4 & 5, Fanno Creek, Finn Riggins, Luis Flores, Four Left Turns, Andi Francoeur, Fugitive Red, Funky Hair Man, Ghost Montrose, Ghosts & Monsters, Gold Ring, Google Hotpot, Great Wilderness, Grey Anne (aka Per Se), Lynnae Gryffin, Hard Power USA, Will Hattman, Hauswife, Headphone Party, Mike Heffley, Here Come Dots, Heroes and Villians, Hide & Go Hustle, High Scores & Records, Hip Hatchet, Ben Hoganson, Hoop Dreams, Horse Feathers, Idiot Winds, In Mono, Island Joy, Sara Jackson-Holman, Noah Jay-Bonn, Jeannot, Katastrophie, Joel Kraft, Ben Laing, Laserhawk, Lava, Leviethan, James London, Longwood Soul Revue, Magnetic Health Factory, Meet Your Monster, Messenger, Modernstate, Monoliths, My Autumn's Done Come, Neptune Skyline, Nire, No Body Skin, No Kind of Rider, Norwegian Chalk, Nurses, Travis Oberg, Oh, Old Age, Onuinu, Oregon Historical Society, Pachi Pamwe, Jaclyn Parsons, Thomas Paul, PDX Pop Now! comp '07, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, Pep Assembly, Pigeons, Play/Start, Please Step Out of the Vehicle, Pocket Parade, Port St. Willow, Justin Power, Primeridian, Priory, Prussia, Queen Bee Jackson, Quiet Arrows, Quiet Countries, Raven Nevermore, Jenn Rawling, Richmond Fontaine, Ruby Calling, Sallo, Satin Chaps, Ben Seretan and The Early, Shambles, Alan Singley and Pants Machine, Siren Nation comp, Skeletron, Skip Roxy, Sleepyhead, Snug Harbor, Soft Tags, Solyoni, Someday Tricycle, Sunkids, Susurrus Station, Swaha, Sweet William's Ghost, Sweeter Than Later, Swim Swam Swum, Talkdemonic, Team Evil, Team of One, Tender Loving Empire, Ed Thanhouser, The Chairy Arms, The Comeback Tour, The Connerys, The Dark Side of Hall & Oates, The Grapefruit League, The I in team, The Interiors, The Keys, The Old Straight Track, The Red River, The Vinci, The We Shared Milk, Three For Silver, Tony D and the Flippers, Truetape Ponyghost, Typhoon, Underscore Orkestra, Upsidedown Cat, Wanderlust Circus Orchestra, What Hearts, Travis Wiggins, Wild Ones, Wilding, Wishing Well, Woodlands, Woodwinds, World's Greatest Ghosts, X's for I's, Yeah Great Fine, Your Friendly Beast