All songs mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion. These are streaming files - if you'd like to hear full-resolution wave files or mastering A/B's let me know and I will send them to you.

From the Nu Shooz album "Bag Town", out May 2016. Mixed by Gregg Williams.

From Divers' "Hello Hello" LP on Rubletowne & Party Damage Records. Placed #1 on WWeek's 2015 Portland Best New Band poll. Mixed by Adam Pike.

From Wave Collectors 2016 self-released LP "Catalog of Stolen Worlds". Mixed by Neal Wright.

From JGivens' 2015 LP "Fly Exam" on Humble Beast Records. Peaked at #19 on the Billboard US Rap Albums chart and #34 on the US Independent Albums chart. Mixed by Bryan Winchester.

From Sara Jackson-Holman's 2012 LP "Cardiology" on Expunged Records. This song was featured on the TV shows Grey's Anatomy and Bones. Mixed by Skyler Norwood.

From The Monotones' 2015 LP "Into the Night". Winners of "Best Rock Album" at the 2016 Korean Music Awards. Mixed by Dan Piscina.

From Tender Age's 2015 limited 7" release on SINIS Recordings. Recorded by Nalin Silva & mixed by Josiah Mazzaschi.

2015 single by Blue Ember, remixed by Pledge.

From Ben Seretans' self-titled 2014 album. Mixed by Tom Tierney and Alex Mead-Fox.

From Blue Cranes' 2013 "Swim" LP on Cuneiform Records. Mixed by Gregg Williams.

From My Brothers & I's 2015 LP "Don't Dream Alone" on Expunged Records. Mixed by Skyler Norwood.

From Port St. Willow's 2013 LP "Holiday" on Downtown Records. "It's such a fabulous record" - Brian Eno. Mixed by Victor Nash.