All songs mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion. These are streaming files - if you'd like to hear full-resolution wave files or mastering A/B's let me know and I will send them to you.

2022 Album release by New York / Montreal drummer and multi-instrumentalist Tommy Crane on Whirlwind Recordings. Mixed by Nicholas Principe.

From the 2021 album "Voices" by Blue Cranes. Featuring Edna Vazquez & Luz Elena Mendoza. Mixed by Todd Sickafoose.

2021 Album by Hutch Harris of The Thermals.

From the 2021 album "Green to Gold" by The Antlers on Transgressive records. Mixed by Nicholas Principe.

2021 Album by Stammering. Produced and mixed by Matt Bayles.

2021 Single by De Serko of LA's rap group Warm Brew.

2020 Ambient music compilation on the Drift label out of Calgary, Canada.

2020 Single by Valley Wolf on Needle to the Groove Records. Recorded, mixed, and produced by Eduardo Arenas from Chicano Batman.

2020 Release by Lord Brothers - AKA Prince Paul and Don Newkirk. Soundtrack to Who Killed Malcolm X? on Netflix.

From the 2020 album release by Ben Seretan "Youth Pastoral". Mixed by Will Stratton.

2020 Album by Kind Of Like Spitting, Mixed by Ben Barnett.

2019 Release by Johanna Samuels from her EP "Have a Good One". Mixed by Sean O'Brien.

2019 Album out on Eisenwald Records. Mixed by Gabriel Espinosa.

Debut 7" single from producer and vocalist Taylor Graves. Featuring Thundercat (bass on Love on a Sailboat). Omega Supreme Records 2019.

2019 Full length album release from B. Lewis.

From the 2018 LP Trickster Blues by RF Shannon on Cosmic Dreamer Music. Recorded and mixed by Will Patterson.

2017 Pink Fink LP released on Disko Obscura Records.

2016 single by The Tallest Man On Earth, out on Gravitation Records.

From the Nu Shooz album "Bag Town", out May 2016. Mixed by Gregg Williams.