My approach to mastering depends on the source material and the needs of the artist. Sometimes the goal is to enhance and color a mix to make an otherwise "flat" sounding recording come alive on the speakers. Other times it's about maintaining the sonic qualities of a mix while making minor adjustments in the most transparent way possible. I try my hardest to achieve whatever sound the artist is after while subjecting every recording to the highest possible level of quality control.

The most important elements in mastering are an experienced engineer and a great listening environment. I have a heavily acoustically treated room featuring extremely accurate speakers, amplifiers and D/A converters. I have mastered several hundreds of records in that room (check my client list page for details). After that, it's all about signal processing and I choose both analog and digital options. Analog provides a level of warmth and pleasing harmonic distortion that is simply not available in the digital domain. Digital, on the other hand, offers precision and transparency that is unmatched in the analog realm. I use extremely high quality analog and digital equipment from Cranesong, Manley, ADAM, Maselec, Lavry, Revox, Hamptone, Langevin, PSP, Izotope & Voxengo.